The campaign below was the creative activism for the first round of community consultations TransCanada held about their Energy East Pipeline. Do indeed draw inspiration from it for your own efforts in your community. Click here to see updates from North Bay, Ontario
When TransCanada came to our town to promote their pipeline, we disguised ourselves and infiltrated their event. We're hoping you'll do the same...

Here's What To Do & What You'll Need

SaveCanada Shirts

Download the SaveCanada logo
(jpg or pdf)
for printing your own shirts.

or order shirts already printed (contact us below)

The Real Info

Download the SaveCanada
handout 1, 2, or contact us to get the Energy East brochure template

...these just happen to look like TransCanada's own handouts

Play Pin the Bitumen Spill on the Pipeline

Order a pack of oil spill sticky notes,
contact us


Contact us to join or start a SaveCanada team in your area.
Help SaveCanada be represented at TransCanada's Open Houses.

Over 15 communities have done this SaveCanada action so far. TransCanada just finished up this round of their open house events, do write us at to be added to the list for when something comes through your area.

The SaveCanada video has taken off, thanks for spreading the word!

More Details

At TransCanada's open house, come dressed as SaveCanada and helped remind them what "community consultation" really means.

We will help you with the props you'll need.

Read more about the original stunt here: "TransCanada Got Punked While Promoting Pipeline"

Dress Like Them

We wear the exact same navy polo shirts as TransCanada, but ours are branded "SaveCanada"

With a few friends onboard you can outnumber the TransCanada reps!

"We looked just like the real employees, except they were nervous and angry in navy polo shirts and we were happy and friendly in navy polo shirts."

Act Like Them

Our friendly and helpful representatives are more than willing to answer tough questions attendees have about the threats and risks this pipeline poses. ...TransCanada reps try to dodge these questions.
Q: Will this pipeline leak? A: Yes.
Q: Will this pipeline significantly expand the tar sands? A: Big times.

"The slight confusion about who was TransCanada and who was SaveCanada really helped the attendees not feel so helpless with their concerns;
everyone I talked to was against this project, they wanted our information and not TransCanada's glossy untruths and free keychains."

But Hand Out Real Information

We wrote up the real facts about this pipeline project and had it laid out just like the handouts TransCanada gives out.
Our information is of much more interest to the attendees than TransCanada's half truths and souvenir gift bags.

"I read every one of TransCanada's handouts and I didn't learn a thing and felt ill afterwards. SaveCanada's info debunked all that shaky spin: claims about jobs, economic benefit, energy security, safety, etc."

Have Fun While Doing It!

With SaveCanada present, folks who attended the open house are given real information and a memorable experience! On TransCanada's giant route map you can even play "Pin the Tar Sands Spill on the Pipeline". You can help give the community encouragement that they too can speak up with their concerns about this project.

"The trade-show style format of these open houses is really very sneaky. This is apparently a "community consultation" but it is actually an individual sell-job. Divide and conquer. The format doesn't allow for actual community consultation, and questions go unanswered. We all have concerns, we can voice them creatively."

SaveCanada is there to share your concerns.
TransCanada is just sugarcoating the horrors.


Get involved!